The Cape Ann Figure Skating Club (CAFSC) is a not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to support recreational and/or competitive figure skating through educational and social opportunities.

As a member in good standing with the International Ice Skating Institute (ISI), we provide a safe, healthy program to train skaters in all levels and facets of the sport. Members benefit from the many group lessons, workshops, off-ice activities and clinics we offer.
Johnson Rink
Pingree School
537 Highland Street
South Hamilton, MA 01982


Besides having outstanding professional backgrounds, the Cape Ann Skating Club coaches are selected for their caring and nurturing personalities.

Most have many years of experience and their resumes list gold-medal test credentials, professional ice show experience, competitive backgrounds in both ISI and USFS, ISI Judges ratings, and memberships in professional organizations.

CAFSC coaches motivate skaters to set goals, to achieve, to work hard, to stay focused, to train for their personal best, and to have fun.
Dorothy Talbot Rink
O'Maley School
32 Cherry Street
Gloucester, MA 01930